It's all about the content!

Content is the most important part of your website. People visit websites because they want something. Perhaps they want to find information on a subject of interest to them, maybe they want to buy something, or maybe they want to make a booking. They almost certainly don’t visit sites to see how great they look, or what latest technology they use.

That is not to say the look of a site isn’t important. It is. A good design, and practical use of new technology is an important part of making your site credible, and more usable. But if a visitor can’t easily find the information or service they are looking for on your site they will leave, and are unlikely to return.

It’s seems strange then that the actual content is so often the last thing anyone thinks about. A clear understanding of your content requirements before you start building your website will  help to determine:

  • the best address for your website
  • the best design for your website
  • the technical requirements for your website
  • the best hosting arrangement for your website
  • the best approach to managing content
  • the best approach to optimising your site’s design and content for search engines such as Google.

Further articles in this series will look at how to determine your content requirements and develop a content plan, as well as considering ongoing issues with managing content.


Published: Thursday, 28 June 2012